About Dream Desserts

Dream Desserts is located at 35 Causeyside St, Paisley PA1 1YL, and offers a wealth of scrummy desserts and premium shakes. The creamy scent of all those nostalgic sugary treats is wafting down the street, enticing every passer-by to grab an afternoon snack.

To savour the great quality chocolate fondue, fluffy American pancakes, buttery crepes, refreshing milkshakes and smoothies in Paisley, on your phone type ‘What is the best dessert shop near me?’. No doubt, our website will be at the top of the Google search result list. Tap it and place an online order to get an exclusive 10% discount. We will deliver your order in a few minutes or you can pick it up in-store.

Each day, we make and bake everything using the finest local ingredients. Check out our numerous menu offerings and satisfy your tastebuds!

If your sweet tooth is calling, just eat our freshly made Belgian Waffle to fulfill all of your dessert dreams in one! It has a crispy exterior that will melt in your mouth, especially when paired with your choice of gelato.

Our Ice Cream Sundae with indulgent chocolate and dreamy toppings is a surefire winner (chocolate fans shouldn’t miss out on it) and you'll also want to try our tempting range of gourmet cakes and Cookie Dough which are available in every imaginable flavour.

Dream Desserts is proudly partnered with the Mealzo family, and now you can order from the same shop at a better price! Simply download the Mealzo App and get a £3 voucher on orders over £15!

Feel free to call us at 441412379920 and order over the phone.

Thank you for being a valued customer. Enjoy your meal!




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